Blueberry HRMS is a cloud based human resources management system.

It provides the organization with a bank of human resources full scale information covering both basic and advanced functionalities.

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Experience The True Definition of HRMS

Blueberry HR starts online with real time dashboard in simple, transparent and efficient way. Our Cloud HR software gives you the right information at the right time – and keeps you updated around the clock


  • Customizable

    Since we believe in uniqueness and privacy of every client; Blueberry is fully customizable based on your needs.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Since Blueberry is a cloud based solution; Information is available around the clock; anytime and anywhere

  • Responsive

    You can run the application on your mobile or tablet devices

  • Multi Branch and Currency Enabled

    Blueberry gives you the option to define as many branches and currencies as you need

  • Real-Time Backup

    Your data is treated with extra care. Don't worry about your data; we will back up your data daily.


  • Easily capture strategic data

    Easily capture strategic data for analysis and better decision-making

  • Align your workforce

    Align your workforce with the organization's goals and priorities and track progress.

  • Recruit and retain top talent

    Recruit and retain top talent to establish your workforce as a true competitive advantage.

  • Organizational Management

    Adapt to unforeseen changes quickly – with a clear view into your organization

  • Payroll

    Cover the full spectrum of your payroll needs with a single platform in the cloud



Employee Information Bank

Blueberry HRMS helps agents to stay on top of their appointments and follow up with their clients and owners efficiently.

Time Attendance

Our HRMS gives users the freedom of defining working hours, work shifts, holidays and off days. It can also be integrated easily with attendance devices to monitor employees punctuality. Additionally, Blueberry can import attendance from time sheets (Used mainly in contracting companies and factories).

Document Archiving

It is essential for organizations to maintain their documents including company and employees documents. The documents archiving module ensures filing documents safely for later retrieval. It also gives the users alerts about expiring documents to avoid any late renewals penalties.


Blueberry Payroll takes into consideration the privacy of every organization. It calculates salaries exactly based on your needs. The payroll module has over 30 detailed attributes covering allowances, bonuses, penalties, salary details and many more. It also gives the user the freedom of exporting salaries using the WPS (Wages Protection System). Moreover, Blueberry calculates overtime hours, bonuses, deductions and salaries based on your exact needs.

Performance Apraisal

In order to measure and evaluate your employees' performance, Blueberry gives you the tools to create and run appraisals on employees and scale their performance. The appraisals can be designed by users to fit their organization needs.

Recruitement Management

Our recruitment management module helps HR professionals in publishing job ads, collect CVs (Through direct integration with the email address where CVs are being received), Filter CVs and plan the interviews and score the applicants.

Workflow Management

Blueberry provides you with the tool to design and apply any workflow of your choice. Workflows can be designed for any procedure within HR such as; Leaves, Performance Appraisal, Recruitment approvals...etc

Employee Self-service

The employee self-service module helps employees in various ways such as getting copies of their documents, printing pay slips, applying for leaves and many more...

Big to handle Big Data and complex operations

Size matters? Blueberry is not a small application; it is big enough to meet all your HRMS requirements

  • Take The Right Step

    HRMS dashboard with analatical charts that helps make the right decisions

  • Full Features HRMS

    Blueberry HR covers all aspects of HR department

  • All HR Forms You Need

    More than 50 forms with elegant interface

  • Endless number of Lists & Reports

    More than 50 ready reports; all reports are easily customizable

Meet your Goals

Blueberry provides the tools. Decide how to use them best towards achieving your targets

  • Find all your data and information in one place

    Central listing for all sale/rent properties, agents and contacts for easier data retrieval
  • Get the service that is tailored for you

    Blueberry HRMS is fully personalised and customizable
  • Promote your properties with cost effective way

    Publish your properties on leading real estate portals and send email marketing campaigns directly from Blueberry
  • Track & measure what works; make accurate decisions

    Decisions are easier to make through comprehensive reports and statistics provided by Blueberry
  • Manage & monitor agents activities & performance

    Decisions are easier to take through comprehensive reports and charts provided by Blueberry
  • Keep in touch with your past clients

    Maintain a full history of your clients relations including enquiries, leads, correspondences and more

Sustainable Client Satisfaction

Blueberry HRMS partnered with some of the most prestigious Technology leaders in the market to provide its users outstanding features

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