• Our prices are designed to be
    affordable & flexible

    Blueberry Real Estate CRM is Available in both Offline and Online Modes with Multiple Affordable Pricing Options | Get Your Real Estate CRM Now
  • Over 60 forms & endless
    number of lists & reports to
    fit any of your needs

    Huge Data storage & processing ability
    accompanies with high performance
    Blueberry Real Estate CRM is able to handle Big Data and provides full CRM features with great user experience
  • Enjoy Distinctive options that
    deliver your required results
    in no time

    Enhance your sales and marketing capabilities
    with our smart integrations
    Using Blueberry CRM, you will be able to economically promote your properties and enhance your real estate workflow
  • Still have any suggestions?

    Blueberry is designed to adapt and adopt users experience
    Blueberry is the most satisfying Real Estate CRM in the UAE and Middle East because it covers the features required by brokers, developpers and facility managers
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Dubai - Blueberry HR Software, CRM Software, EMR Software

Experience the True Definition of CRM

Customers, relations and management. Every keyword has a deep meaning. Blueberry takes into account the privacy of each keyword and gives you a true sales and marketing tool that brings forward results

  • Dubai - Blueberry HR Software, CRM Software, EMR Software


    Blueberry Real Estate CRM applies cloud technology that will enable agents accessing all of their data including properties, leads, clients and contracts anywhere and at anytime.

  • Fully Customizable Real Estate CRM


    a. Since we believe in identity and uniqueness; Blueberry is fully customizable based on your business unique needs. Blueberry adapts your procedures unlike most of the applications in the market

  • High performance real estate CRM

    One Directory

    Enabling you and your team to effectively maintain all of your prospects, contacts, vendors, buyers , landlords and tenants information in one place.

  • Responsive Real Estate CRM | Real Estate CRM for all devices


    Your properties, leads ,reports, clients and agents will be all available for you on your laptop, desktop, tablet and even your mobile.

  • Low cost real estate CRM | Cloud Real Estate CRM


    We're providing multiple pricing plans that will suit your budget

  • Easy to use Real Estate CRM | CRM with great user experience


    Blueberry uses the latest technologies and UX guidelines to meet and exceed your expectations.

Dubai - Blueberry HR Software, CRM Software, EMR Software

Big to handle Big Data and complex operations

Size matters? Blueberry is not a small application; it is big enough to meet all your requirements

  • 60+ Forms

    Covering all the required operations of real estate agents in terms of property management, customers management and marketing.

  • Endless number of Lists & Reports

    Blueberry prepares and browses any lists and reports that you need. Agents can also create their own custom reports and export them into pdf, word or excel or even send them by email

  • 24/7 Data Availability

    All Agents will be able to access and use blueberry anywhere and anytime. Blueberry also backs up your data on daily basis

Dubai - Blueberry HR Software, CRM Software, EMR Software


Single Data Location

Save your time and efforts by maintaining all of your data into one big data storage. Provide accurate information to your agents and clients at all times
Dubai - Blueberry HR Software, CRM Software, EMR Software

Work Framing & Pipelining

Blueberry makes it easy for agents to work according to a simple, clear and one direction pipeline which helps in generating more sales and enhance the customer experience

Online Marketing

Improve your properties exposure by Publishing your properties to any website on the net. Blueberry provides integration with any website
Property Marketing Tool | Real Estate Software Integrated with Google Maps | Integrated with Dubizzle | Integrated with Property Finder | Integrated with Mail

Fruitful Integrations

Blueberry CRM integrates with world top service providers like Google, Microsoft and others.

Real Time Tracking

Dashboard provides a glimpse of every agent's work. It gives progress view of new leads, new contacts, correspondence, properties, meetings, contracts and commissions with daily reminders and notifications
Online Real Estate CRM Software | Real Estate CRM Software Dashboard with charts and reports

Property Listing & Management

Agents will be able to add new sale/rent properties with detailed information that answers most of the clients' questions. Blueberry also auto generates the properties' brochures for agents to send via email

Agents Collaboration

Blueberry provides agents with a built-in chat that helps them coordinate with each other and share useful information towards a more efficient team work
Real Estate CRM Software for multiple users | Real Estate CRM Software Users Management

Privacy & Users' Management

Administrators, agents or data entry operators can be assigned different roles and granted different permissions based on your needs while maintaining agents' data secrecy
Dubai - Blueberry HR Software, CRM Software, EMR Software

Meet your Goals

Blueberry provides the tools. Decide how to use them best towards achieving your targets

  • Find all your data and information in one place

    Central listing for all sale/rent properties, agents and contacts for easier data retrieval
  • Get the service that is tailored for you

    Blueberry CRM is fully personalised and customizable
  • Promote your properties with cost effective way

    Publish your properties on leading real estate portals and send email marketing campaigns directly from Blueberry
  • Track & measure what works; make accurate decisions

    Decisions are easier to make through comprehensive reports and statistics provided by Blueberry
  • Manage & monitor agents activities & performance

    Decisions are easier to take through comprehensive reports and charts provided by Blueberry
  • Keep in touch with your past clients

    Maintain a full history of your clients relations including enquiries, leads, correspondences and more

Our Partners

Blueberry CRM partnered with some of the most prestigious Technology leaders in the market to provide its users outstanding features


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