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Blueberry ERP
Blueberry ERP
Blueberry HRMS
Blueberry PMS
Blueberry ERP

Blueberry be bifferent

We will help you standout among competition by providing bifferent perspectives on how you conduct your business operations. Blueberry will adapt your practices and improve them continuously

Blueberry is suite of business solutions covering various industries such as Real Estate, Trading, Contracting and Healthcare. Aiming at digitizing businesses operations while maintaining Elite Customer Service, Blueberry will help your business realize its full potential.
Whatever your business industry is; Continuous Improvement is a must. Blueberry is an infinite journey of continuous improvement to ensure that your business is catching up with the latest trends and best practices. Sky is the Limit and Blueberry will keep you ahead of your competition.
ERP System

Why Blueberry?

Cloud ERP System

Fast Reliable Service

We are always ready to help our clients in realizing their full potential and exceed them at times! A solution would be useless if not covered with a Reliable Service. Blueberry got your back

Cloud ERP System

Easy Migration

Blueberry understands how much effort you have put in collecting your data and how Important your data is. Hence; you will NOT lose any of your data. Blueberry will just import all of your data

Cloud ERP Software

Built for the Future

Blueberry is on a mission to continuously satisfy its users by providing them with various features that empowers them. Adopting latest technologies ensures high Performance

Cloud ERP Software

Cloud Based

Access your data anywhere and anytime. Blueberry is Cloud Based; you don't have to worry about your data Accessibility, Security and Backup

Cloud HR Management System

Data Security and Integrity

Blueberry values your Privacy. At all times your data is secure through our 3 tiers security levels and secure sockets layer SSL certificates

Cloud Project Management System

Fully Customizable

Unlike other known brands in the market. Blueberry is fully Customizable in terms of both interface and functionality.

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Our Process

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Listening to your needs

Understanding the challenges

Understanding the challenges associated

Finding out solutions

Working together to visualize the possible solutions

Software prototype

Present a prototype

Best cloud software solution

Execute the prototype

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being Bifferent Clients

As a SAAS web crawler expert, I help organizations adjust to the expanding significance of internet promoting.


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ERP System
Task Management System
Custom Software solutions

Case Studies

Blueberry HR Management System

BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP

BSA, one of the leading companies in providing legal service in the middle east with 20 years of success in the market, hired LinkinSoft to deliver an HRMS system back in 2015 to manage their continuously growing team.

Hapiness Pulse System Nabd Al Saada

Ministry of Interior - Abu Dhabi

MOI (Ministry of Interior) Abu Dhabi – UAE, hired LinkinSoft to deliver projects" Security Permit and Organizational Structure" as a start in 2014 and this trust continued further with project "Happiness Pulse System" back in 2016.

Real Estate ERP System

Qaryat Sanad Rehabilitation Center

Sanad Village is a unique rehabilitation center specializing in autism treatment. Built on an overall 30,000 sqft, Sanad is considered to be the largest autism rehabilitation center in MENA.

Real Estate ERP System

SEOUL Spare Parts Trading

Seoul Spare Parts Trading is one of the leading Korean spare parts traders in the UAE. With over four branches distributed within Sharjah, Seoul has gained the trust of many end-consumers and retailers over the past 20 years.

Trading ERP system

Diamond Developers

Diamond Developers is a unique real estate developer in the sense that it develops sustainable, environment-friendly properties. With its various projects both locally and internationally, Diamond Developers is a fast-growing organization, given that it is introducing its new brand of sustainable cities.

Project Management System

Kreston Awni Farsakh and Associates

"Kreston Awni Farsakh & Co. is one of the leading Auditing firms established in Dubai, UAE in 1972, with over 400 long-term audit clients covering a variety of sectors. The firm was founded by, Late. Mr. Awni Farsakh."

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