• Blueberry HR
  • Your Human Resources Bank
  • HR Software Dubai

    Blueberry HR

    Blueberry human resources solutions are adapting the UAE labor office laws in terms of contracts types, vacations policies and gratuity policies.

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  • Blueberry CRM
  • Your Properties Home
  • CRM Software Dubai

    Blueberry CRM

    Customers, relations and management. Every keyword has a deep meaning. Blueberry takes into account the privacy of each keyword and gives you a true sales and marketing tool that brings forward results

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  • Blueberry Virus EMR
  • Your Clinic at your Fingertips!
  • EMR Software Dubai

    Blueberry Virus EMR

    Based on the real workflow from experienced physicians' offices, Blueberry Virus EMR system was built with a set of useful Electronic Medical Records features to help you manage your practice efficiently.

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